16th July 2021

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To our wonderful guests and community, 

The health and well-being of both you and our staff is a top priority, and the best way to help ensure that is to practice great cleaning and personal hygiene always—not just during this public health emergency, but always.


We want you to feel at ease during your stay, and for our housekeeping staff and other guests to remain healthy and safe. In the current situation, please feel assured that we are following all the recommended guidelines...and more! 

Here are some of the house-keeping procedures we have put in place for the protection of

our valued guests, housekeeping staff and wellness service professionals. 

  • Sickness & Cancellations: If you have any sickness, cold/flu symptoms, please call as soon as possible. Our updated cancellation policy is a full refund less $50 booking fee for any COVID-19 related cancellations. A medical certificate will need to be provided for this option if within 7 days of your checkin date. This is not required for postcode or Metro area restrictions. We can also reschedule your booking to another date if you would prefer at no additional cost.​

  • Arriving Unwell: If you arrive to the accommodation and you are unwell with any of these symptoms, you won't be able to stay and 50% of the remaining nights fee will apply. ​​

  • Our Hygiene Routines: We already keep an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness (a comment we regularly receive in our reviews) but we will be implementing some extra measures for your peace of mind. See below:

Our Standard Practice

  • Self checkin and checkout with an access code. 

  • Our current practice has beds completely stripped for every guests, fresh towels, robes and dishcloths replaced etc. and this will continue.

  • We use hospital grade disinfectant for all our cleaning purposes. 

  • Personal amenities and cleaning products are available for guest use.


In Addition:


  • We have hand sanitiser available for guests and for wellness service therapists use upon arrival. 

  • We are only working with wellness professionals that are following COVIDSafe practices, and working with them to offer these services in a safe manner.  

  • Our housekeeping staff are undertaking additional training in COVIDSafe practices provided by the Victorian government and the Australian Tourism Industry Council. 

  • We have upgraded our usual rigorous cleaning regime  - Cleaning all surfaces and commonly used areas between guests with hospital grade disinfectant. 

  • We are ensuring there is a 24 hour window between guests to allow time for the additional deep cleaning and there will be no guests checking out and checkin in on the same day. 

  • Keeping our staff and clientele safe is our top priority. So, you can rest assured we are going the extra mile.​​


We value your patronage and want you to be able to unwind experience pure relaxation, reduce stress and ultimately improve your general wellbeing and immunity.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Warm Regards,